Four Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning


In a country with a climate like Ireland's, it's fair to say that we have great value for our windows. Enduring some of the worst rain & wind on the planet means that we owe our windows a great deal, and so should treat them respectively! One of our key services is the provision of a team of professional window cleaners who ensure that your windows are kept in perfect condition regardless of the climate or situation they may be in. We've put together a list of four key benefits of hiring a professional window cleaning company maintain your facility as best as possible.

1. Protection.

In a similar manner to how windows protect you, window cleaning protects your windows. It's very easy for dirt & debris to build up on your windows which can actually cause serious damage over time. Using a high-quality window cleaning service will ensure that your windows stay free of the chance of damage, which will come in the form of etches & scratches over time. Our Reach and Wash system  technology uses pure deionised water, making it eco-friendly and no detergents are used. Deionised water offers a superior clean to tap water. There is no mineral build up and your windows will sparkle like new.

2. Safety.

Hiring a team of professional window cleaners is a far safer option than electing to carry out the cleaning in-house. Using a ladder can be dangerous and store-bought cleaners have chemicals that are not the best to breathe in, especially if you're not familiar with them. Our Reach and Wash system allows our team to work from the ground and therefore eliminates much of the risks associated with working from ladders. This also offers increased privacy to in-house employees & reduced distractions.

3. Efficiency.

Outsourcing your window cleaning to a facilities management company provides an immeasurable improvement in efficiency of cleaning. Our team is highly trained, experienced & educated, which means that they know exactly how to provide the highest level of cleaning available in the most efficient manner.

4. Quality.

Hiring a facilities management company to carry out your window cleaning duties also enables the job to be done in a far superior manner over keeping it in-house. Facts that are not widely known such as that tap water contains minerals which can leave residue on the glass, and the detergents used in the old traditional way that windows  were cleaned attract  dirt means that using our reach and wash system your windows will stay clean longer.


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