More Than Just Delivering Talent!


We're very proud that a we were able to assist a new client in getting the service they needed. But not before going to two other agencies first.

This particular client needed  2 well trained and vetted forklift drivers on extremely short notice. Dangan Recruitment was able to provide top candidates for the client, in a 1-day turnaround.

We're proud we can provide this service but what makes us unique in the industry is that the same client discovered that we also provide business office supplies and office stationery. Our staff put the new client in touch with one of our account managers, and they were able to order from our 24,000 products online and received next day delivery. It's very a very simple and smooth process. Dangan Stationery Supplies offers very competitive value and we're growing very fast.

This a success story for us and for the client. We were able to provide solutions for the client that has a huge effect on their business. And, the client only must deal with one company.

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