Increasing Employee Work Productivity Through Office Equipment


Office equipment. We use office equipment and stationery in work every day. From our mousepads, to the chairs we  sit in,  and our pens. They're the backbone of any office. When you hire a photographer, a plumber or if you or a loved one is getting an operation in the hospital, you like to think that the person looking after you, is using the best tools to get the job done.

There is now evidence to support the old saying that "a happy worker is a good worker." And why wouldn't they be? There's nothing quite like resting your wrist of that memory-foam mousepad for the first time as you settle in to do those spreadsheets. It's those little comforts that we need to enable us to perform better.

An all too common complaint I experienced in my time working in various offices was the supply of stationery or lack thereof. "Not having the the tools to assist in my daily duties was a demotivating...", my old colleague proclaims. She recalls how at the start of September, ready for the academic school year ahead, she felt like she could take on the world, administratively speaking. Pens, rulers, erasers. She had it all! It gave me a big whack of nostalgia. I felt the same. As the months went on in school, you'd lose the pens, pencils will wear down and break, erasers would become, well, erased. All that eagerness at the start of the school years gets chipped away, one broken pencil at a time.

I can empathise with any employer that's trying to manage a business.  To some, office supplies and stationery may not be high on the list of priorities in the company's expenses list. I understand, running a business can be very costly t and stationery and office supplies often take up a sizable chunk of resources, even in the digital world as me move to a more paperless office. There are all the other things. Chairs, tables, cleaning supplies, shredders. But I also think it's time we really looked at how we can make our employees feel valued. Give employees the best opportunity to do a great job and at the core of that is the tools of our trade.


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