No funding for a young boy who has a profound physical disability but cognitively bright!


Dangan Group is proud to be the main sponsor for "Croker to Corofin" a charity cycle for Tomás Mc Loughlin!

Tomás Mc Loughlin from Galway is a young boy with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, born at 26 weeks he and his twin arrived unexpectedly into the world, sadly his brother Seán passed away after 30 days. Tomás is now nine years old and needs financial support to live in his own home independently, unfortunately he gets very little if any funding from relevant bodies, so it is all down to the support of family and friends along with the fundraising events.

His parents Ann Marie and Shane set up a trust called “Tomorrow for Tomás” in order to raise much needed funds for their son. This year on the 4th August people from near and far will take part in a charity Cycle “Croker to Corofin” in Co. Galway.  The main sponsor for this cycle is the  Dangan Group.

Tomás requires financial support to transform their house now that Tomás is getting older and needs more equipment. This year Tomorrow for Tomás aims to raise funds so that the family home can be adapted for Tomás’ living and care needs, as well as ensuring safe and easy access about the house and garden on his new wheels! This requires Disability Access Survey of the house and installing an accessible washroom & toilet, accessible furniture for meal times installation of specially adapted switch devices, adapting doors and entrances for wheelchair access. The estimated cost of the above is €100,000.

As well as practical needs, Tomás requires on-going multi-disciplinary and medical care which is extremely costly. A huge shortfall in home nursing care and respite provision for children with disabilities is all too common in Ireland.

Ann-Marie, Tomás’s mother said “Tomás has a profound physical disability but cognitively bright. We do not qualify for a respite care package. He is totally dependent on us for all daily tasks of life. Shane and I care for him day and night. Night times are extremely difficult as Tomás cannot turn himself in bed, so Shane and I must turn him up to 10 times a night. We do not get a night off as there is no service there for us to get a rest. Tomás is 24hour care and will require lifelong care. It is a constant battle which is both mentally and physically exhausting. Shane and I just want our son to be able to live in our home comfortably and to receive respite in order for us to be able to continue to care for him.’’

Ian Burke, Corofin Footballer/ All Ireland Club champions 2019 said at the launch “Tomás is such an amazing child, he has followed Corofin for years with his dad Shane, attending all our games when he can. The lads and I are delighted to support the cycle, Tomás deserves all the support he gets, and we ask as many people to come out on the 4th August and support Tomorrow for Tomás.”

Main sponsors Dangan Group Managing Director Tomas Fahy said; “We are thrilled to be involved with Tomás and the cycle. We don’t realise what some families go through on a daily basis when we can just take life for granted. Things as simple as getting room to room in your own or bathing is a hard task for Tomás, and we are delighted to be able to help raise funds so Tomás is able to do this at ease in his own home.” The Dangan Group is a 100% Irish owned company with offices in Dublin, Cork, and Galway providing the entire spectrum of administrative services such as facilities management, stationery, and recruitment.

Tomorrow for Tomás is looking for as many people as possible to take part in the “Croker to Corofin” fundraising cycle on the 4th August. The cycle will be 213km long however cyclists can take part as an individual or as a team of four.

For more information on the cycle go to or contact or 087 4482070.

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