Three Key Tips on Keeping your Business Clean in-house!


Everybody wants their business looking its best at all times. And so we thought we'd put together a few guidelines as to how you can do just that, from the perspective of a facilities management company! We've worked with a huge aomunt of businesses from a wide range of industries, and so we've identified the main issues that a business can work on in-house to ensure its looking its best at all times.

1. Dust Control.

Dust control is an easy to manage issue that we often see become a problem in the businesses we work with, as a consequence of a misunderstanding of how to properly manage it! The summer & autumn months usually see the biggest build-up of dust in a business, and regular dusting should be employed to prevent against this. The warmer months will usually see the windows being open in a business more frequently, and this means that there is more of a chance for dust to build up indoors. Our advice is to invest in high-quality cleaning equipment and to assign a role to an employee to ensure that a certain area is dust-free, checking regularly!

2. Keeping Windows Clean.

Windows are often the first thing your customers & partners see when they come to your premises, and windows that are not incredibly clean can reflect poorly on a business as it can be deemed a sign of carelessness or negligence. Coming into summer & autumn, it's vital that you pay close attention to how clean your windows are as the increased sunlight will highlight even the smallest of smears on a window. During the summer, the pollen-count rises and as a consequence of this, windows that aren't cleaned reguarly may appear dirty due to the pollen that attaches itself to surfaces. It's vital that regular cleaning of windows is employed to prevent against this happening!

3. Carpets.

All year round, floors need to be carefully looked after in order to ensure that dirt from outside is not carried indoors. Failure to identify this problem can result in the build-up of dirt and ultimately permanent damage, particularly if your floors are covered with carpet. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that on top of regular cleaning, prevention methods such as mats & more are used to prevent against your carpets getting destroyed. First impressions with customers are absolutely vital and therefore regular maintainence of your carpets is vital, and preventing damage is even more so!

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