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Dangan Events & Promotions offer a broad range of services in artworking and visualisation, fixture design and production, shop fitting, consultancy, pop-ups and events. We design, produce and install window displays and instore creative that inspire and engage today’s consumers.

Together we engage and excite consumers of the Ireland’s leading brands and retailers by elevating the overall shopping experience.

Visual merchandising can push the need for developing optimal floor plans and creative three dimensional displays in order to help brand awareness and sales. Dangan Merchandisers help to deliver and communicate visual concepts and strategies to promote retail brands, products and services in store or on shop fronts.

We’ve worked with Ireland's leading retailers to help them engage with their customers through enhancing brand perception and maximising the shopping experience. From store concept design and environments, store audits, windows and logo design, right down to the POS, packaging and graphics you use, we’ll analyse every element of your brand’s identity to help you build a customer experience that inspires and excites.

Windows & Instore Creative
Our highly experienced creative team design, produce and install window display concepts and instore creative that push boundaries whilst listening to a brand’s commercial needs. Whether it be multiple store roll-outs or bespoke, one-off creatives, we will adapt and evolve with your brand.

Shop fitting & fixtures
Our clients rely on us to deliver high-quality production and installations with efficiency and precision. With extensive factory facilities (all 30,000 square metres of it) and a team of over 100 highly-skilled joiners, metalworkers, carpenters and CAD technicians, we can take you from design to installation.

We’ve been creating engaging brand events for some of the world’s most iconic retailers, from international denim brands to luxury perfumers. We visualise and create environments, props, spaces and sets that put people at the heart of the experience.

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