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Confined Space Training

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Dangan Training provides specialist confined space health and safety education and support, to some of Ireland's largest companies and organisations working in confined spaces, at extreme height or within hazardous environments.

A confined space is described as an enclosed or partially enclosed space such as storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipes, boilers and sewers. This training provides you with the essential skills and knowledge of how to identify a confined space and to assess risks associated with a confined space environment.

Do you work in or around confined spaces? If so, our brand new Confined Space Training course is what you need. This course will show you how to work in a confined space environment to maximize safety for you and those around you.

The overall objective of this training is to protect those entering or working around a confined space. In this course you will learn the physical, chemical, and biological principles related to safe working with confined spaces.

Intended for
Any worker who may potentially need to work in a confined space as described above, will need to have some form of confined space training, depending on the level of work needed. Examples of workers who may need confined space training include firefighters, construction workers, maintenance technicians, building engineers, lab technicians, welders, pipeline workers, HVAC technicians, emergency response personnel, and many more.

Topics Covered
Identifying Confined Space
Proper Equipment
Hazard Training
Permit Required Confined Space Program
Personnel Responsibilities
Rescue and Emergency Services

Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience which enables them to deliver a practical hands-on approach to this subject. We can provide all of the specialised equipment required for the courses, you are also welcome to use your own equipment, providing it meets the required standards.

For those required to enter confined spaces, we provide courses that can cover Safe Entry, Escape Breathing Apparatus, Full Breathing Apparatus and Oxygen Resuscitation. For managers and supervisors we provide Confined Spaces Awareness and Risk Assessment programme.

If you require any further information on the services we provide please fill in our contact us form and one of our experienced staff member will contact you shortly.